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Windsor Drive Development Proposals

Image Catherine Aganoglu

Houghton Regis News – Campaign to challenge Windsor Drive development proposals ‘Friends of Windsor Drive Community Open Space’, a grassroots campaign group, has been launched to oppose Central Bedfordshire Council’s proposal to build housing on the green space adjacent to Windsor Drive. Catherine Aganoglu, Green Party member, has been actively involved in the campaign. The […]

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Green Drinks

Would you like to meet other Green Party members? Would you like to chat all things green? Join like-minded individuals at the Albero Lounge in Bedford (6pm) or from the comfort of your own home (8.30pm), video encouraged but not required! You don’t even have to say anything! Drop in at any point in the […]

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EWR Demolition Petition

EWR Green Party Councillors outside threatened building

At the very end of March, Cllr Lucy Bywater and I were stunned to discover that dozens of residents of the ward we represent are in homes threatened with demolition (as well as dozens more just outside the ward). We KNOW it is perfectly possible for East West Rail (EWR) to achieve their goals without […]

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Helping Bees in Bedford

Helping bees in Bedford

What a difference a little TLC makes! Helping bees in Bedford Bedford’s volunteer gardeners are making a big difference with the Green Party  councillor’s ward funds. This small space is made more attractive to residents (and helping bees in Bedford) with the planting of pollinator-friendly flowers at the corner of Commercial Street and River Street. […]

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East West Rail Green Party Position Statement

East West Rail Bedford

Bedford Green Party view on East West Rail. Background: The Government decided to build “East West Rail” between Oxford and Cambridge passing through Bedford Borough. In 2009-10 there were plans to rebuild Bedford’s main station for East West Rail. Those didn’t involve demolishing any housing. The LibDem/Tory government cancelled them in 2010. In Spring 2019 […]

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COVID vaccine progress welcomed

COVID Vaccine Progress – Councillor Lucy Bywater welcomed the success of the vaccination roll-out but urges locals not to let their guard down. Lucy says: “People can still catch and spread COVID-19 to people around them, even after their second dose of the vaccine. Please take care and follow the government recommended COVID-19 safety rules.” […]

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East West Rail – We’ll Fight Demolition Threat

East West Rail

“There are several commercial and residential properties Ashburnham Road that may be affected and subject to demolition. Properties potentially affected include a doctors’ surgery, tyre centre, Polish community centre and some private residences.” Castle residents received this shocking message in an East West Rail leaflet. However, our councillors vowed to fight any demolition proposed. Ben […]

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