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Cade Sibley Mid Bedfordshire Parliamentary Candidate

Luton and Bedfordshire Green Party Executive Committee are proud to announce Cade Sibley as the Green Party candidate for Mid Bedfordshire.

Image of Cade Sibley

Cade joined the Green Party in 2021. The Party is delighted that as a fairly new memberĀ  Cade was willing to jump in at the deep end and put himself forward for this role.

Cade has hit the ground running with an eloquent Newsnight appearance already under his belt.

You can find Cade on social media at the links below, so please post your questions and messages of support. If you want to catch up with him in person, he will be attending any hustings that have been organised and will answer your questions to the best of his ability.

Finally, do please support Cade's campaign with a donation to the Party Crowdfunder. As a small, grassroots party we don't have big corporate donors and rely on small donations like yours to field candidates and give you the chance to vote Green.

Cade's Crowdfunder

Cade's Facebook Page

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Cade Says

Cade Sibley is a Care Worker who works for Central Bedfordshire Council

Born, raised and lives in Mid Bedfordshire, going to school at Harlington Upper and working in engineering, construction, retail and refuse collection.
Cade has been active in the local community organising litter picks and is a keen cyclist. He is concerned that not enough is being done to combat climate change, or protect the local environment and green spaces which are such an important feature of Mid Bedfordshire.

He knows what it's like to be an essential worker but like most he is struggling with the cost of living crisis. Despite this he knows it is important for the Government to take a more sustainable approach to the economy.

If elected he would prioritise:

  1. Taking the climate emergency seriously and investing in renewable energy
  2. Insulating homes and maximising protections against fuel poverty
  3. Supporting active travel; and clean, reliable and affordable public transport system
  4. Pushing for the provision of high-quality and accessible mental health support for young adults
  5. Providing more resources for social care and public health to reduce the strain on the NHS and fighting to keep the NHS free at point of service.