Edward Carpenter standing here…

Like many people in Luton, Edward has lived & travelled abroad in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. He comes from an international family with young children, is a school Governor for River Bank Primary School & has worked in social housing for over 10 years:

All this has taught me to stand up for social justice and to fight for a future that offers hope and opportunity for everyone.

“A vote for me, is a vote for a fairer, safer and greener society!”

Edward stands for…

A fairer world

·Ending the occupation of Palestinian Territories and banning UK arms exports to Israel

·Creating high skilled, green jobs for a healthier, more secure future

·Making taxes fairer – so people with more money, pay more

Warm and safe homes for everybody

·Protecting renters from bad landlords and no-fault evictions

·Creating greener more efficient homes that are cheaper to heat

·Providing more affordable good quality homes

Better and cleaner transport

·Stopping airport expansion

·Banning night flights over Luton

·Offering low-cost local bus fares (free for under 22s)

Edward also supports The Green Party’s manifesto commitments on Israel and Palestine:

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Map of Luton South

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