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Edward Carpenter: Why I felt I had to join the Green Party…

I was brought up in a Conservative-voting household and myself have been active in Conservative Party local associations.  When I first started seriously engaging with the Conservatives however, their logo was a Green Tree and David Cameron spoke of an inspiring vision of a “Big Society”.  These ideas really appealed to me. However, under Boris Johnson leadership, the Conservative Party’s rapid fall from grace began and since then it has been nothing but rapid decline, with balanced people booted out and the Party becoming increasingly insular, populist and right wing.

In 2023, my view of the Conservative hit an all-time low, whilst my concern for the environment was skyrocketing. So one Saturday I sat down on the stairs and decided to just get on and join the Green Party – as surely the Greens would take our planet seriously.  As if to say “I told you so…” Rishi Sunak then started rolling back on the UK climate pledges. An act that was enough to spur me to protest outside of Westminster.

Since joining the Green Party, I haven’t looked back. The manifesto has so much in it which speaks to my concerns and makes total sense.  For a start it’s honest about the scale of the problems facing us and the solutions needed. It offers fairer taxes, much quicker decarbonisation of the Country (for example with more invested in supporting insulation and low carbon heating, a faster move to renewable energy, and overall move to net zero ten years earlier than current targets).  This goes along with a focus on Green jobs, and a just and legal position on Palestine. 

Overall, the Green Party is offering real hope and real change, not just more of the old, outdated stuff which fills the manifestos of Labour and the Conservative.

Edward Carpenter