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Green Party support across the South Beds villages…

“I have been delighted to meet people who have already voted Green – or are going to do so,” says Edward Carpenter, the Green Party candidate for the constituency of Luton South and South Bedfordshire.  Edward has been busy canvassing in Luton and surrounding villages including
Caddington and Slip End. 

“These voters recognise that truly fundamental action is needed to address the crises that face people and planet.  We need a different mind-set in how we do politics.  Other constituents, often still undecided, have been very willing to listen to our approach with its range of progressive
policies.  They appreciate that we need to build a movement that can influence a likely Labour government and change the political landscape.”

“Younger voters have been drawn especially to our policy to introduce a tax on those owning £10 million and more”, Edward commented.  “They want a fairer, more equal society, with good quality, affordable housing and the prospects of decent jobs.  They are also very concerned by the threat to their futures posed by accelerating climate change.”  

Edward is a senior leader in one of the largest housing associations in the UK.  He is particularly passionate about the right to good quality affordable housing and retrofitting homes to make them better insulated and thus energy efficient. 

Many older voters are deeply worried for future generations, Edward says, but he is especially concerned about those who say that are not voting at all because politicians are “all the same”. “The Green Party is different,” he says.  “We are being honest about the scale of the problems, the cost, and what must be done.”