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High Town Candidate Lyn Bliss

High Town Candidate

Response to the Election Result

I am really delighted that so many people in High Town voted for me. While I didn't win, the huge increase in Green councillors throughout UK shows that a Green vote is not a wasted vote. People are tired of the old parties and desperate for an alternative. We need Green policies in order to avoid a climate disaster but Green policies are also common sense policies; putting people above profits. The Green Party is the only way forward for this country.

About me

High Town candidate for the Luton Green Party

Born in Luton, I have lived in High Town since the early 1980s. My life has been spent here because I love this community.

I am active in many local organisations; Friends of High Town, Edible High Town and Friends of People’s Park. In addition, I support local businesses and the Hightown Sports and Community Centre.

Why the Greens?

I have been a member of the Green Party for 30 years and I am an active member of Extinction Rebellion. Now, as a grandmother, I am even more committed to the principles of the Green Party, because the future of our children and grandchildren has to be assured.

Why am I standing as High Town Candidate?

High Town is already a great community, but things could be made even better here in a number of ways

We can:

  • Make sure that the ongoing redevelopment is shaped around the needs of the people.
  • Campaign to have the disused changing room facilities in People's Park be taken over as a community cafe operated by our residents.
  • Continue to support new local businesses like the Portuguese café and the restaurant 50Nine, both of which opened during lockdown. Places like this provide centres for people to come together and this is how we grow our community spirit.
  • Look at what is driving poverty in our area and determine how we can address that. The pandemic highlighted something we already knew: some sections of our community are disproportionately represented in insecure and low paid jobs.

Concerning the environment, I hope to be a voice ensuring that the Council does all it can to reduce our impact on the environment. For example, if elected, I pledge to support the council in divesting its pension fund from fossil fuels to investing in renewables and the local economy. I promise to do everything in my power to make sure this happens within my first year in office.

People all over the world need to take action locally to halt the Climate Emergency by reducing their carbon footprint.

Vote Green for High Town, vote for Lyn Bliss.