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East West Rail – We’ll Fight Demolition Threat

East West Rail

“There are several commercial and residential properties Ashburnham Road that may be affected and subject to demolition. Properties potentially affected include a doctors’ surgery, tyre centre, Polish community centre and some private residences.”

Castle residents received this shocking message in an East West Rail leaflet. However, our councillors vowed to fight any demolition proposed. Ben stated, “We don’t believe there is a need to threaten these properties. The building required is almost identical to that proposed in 2010 with no demolition required”.

Located between the current station entrance and Midland Road, all properties at-risk fall on Ashburnham Road’s railway side. As a result, configuration changes could come to those not directly under threat from demolition. Such as gardens reduced in size, outlooks altered or the reduction in property values.

A planned railway line connecting Oxford to Cambridge via Bedford will follow a brand new route. Find details of the route here: East West Rail preferred route. East West Rail state, as a result, communities will benefit from faster and more affordable travel.

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