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Adrian Spurrell elected as Bedford Mayoral Candidate

Adrian Spurrell Canvassing in Biddenham in the snow

Adrian Spurrell has been elected to represent Bedford Green Party at the Bedford Borough Council mayoral elections for the second time.

He is so dedicated to the Green Party winning in public elections that he even goes out canvessing in the snow (as shown in the main picture).

Adrian Spurrell canvassing in Biddenham in the snow
Mayoral Candidate Adrain Spurrell.

Adrian Spurrell canvassing in Biddenham in the snow

Adrian is also standing as a council candidate in Biddenham which is why we have a few photos of him canvassing in Biddenham, Bedford.

Adrian Canvassing in Biddenham
Adrian Spurrell Council Candidate for Biddenham and Mayoral Candidate.

Adrian Spurrell in Biddenham, Bedford

We in the Green Party know only too well that many people are struggling with the cost of living crisis and understand that people are really struggling at the moment.

But we respectfully request that if you do have any spare funds then we would really appreciate it if you could donate to our crowdfunder. Thank you.

Lucy and Paul cnadidates for the New Castle and Newnham ward photo taken with the Castle public house in the background
Cllr Lucy Bywater and candidate Paul Edmonds canvassing in the new ward of Castle and Newnham.

This Crowdfunder will also be used to help fund our council candidates in both Bedford Borough and Central Bedfordshire campaigns. More announcements coming soon.

Photo of councillor Ben Foley in the foreground, helped byl James Long
Cllr Ben Foley canvassing in Greyfriars, with help from James Long.
Susan Clinch Council Candidate for Ampthill
Julia Mary Jones Council Candidate for Ampthill