We have selected our candidates for the constituencies across Luton & Bedfordshire

15 May 2017

Here are our candidates for the parliamentary constituencies in Luton & Bedfordshire.

Bedfordshire candidates


Bedford - Lucy Bywater
North East Bedfordshire - Philippa Fleming
Mid Bedfordshire - Gareth Ellis
South West Bedfordshire - Morvern Rennie
Luton North - Simon Hall
Luton South - Marc Scheimann


Bedford Candidate Lucy Bywater


Lucy Bywater - Candidate for Bedford

Find out more about Lucy, her plans for Bedford or how to support Lucy here.


North East Bedfordshire Candidate Phillipa Fleming


Phillipa Fleming - Candidate for North East Bedfordshire

Find out more about Phillipa, her plans for North East Beds and how to support Phillipa here.


Mid Bedfordshire Candidate Gareth Ellis


Gareth Ellis - Candidate for Mid Bedfordshire

Find out more about Gareth, his plans for Mid Bedfordshire and how to support Gareth here.


South West Bedfordshire Candidate Morvern Rennie


Morvern Rennie - Candidate for South West Bedfordshire

Find out more about Morvern, her plans for South West Bedfordshire and how to support Morvern here.


Luton North Candidate Simon Hall


Simon Hall - Candidate for Luton North

Find out more about Simon, his plans for Luton North and how to support Simon here.


Luton South Candidate Marc Scheimann


Marc Scheimann - Candidate for Luton South

Find out more about Marc, his plans for Luton South and how to support Marc here.



See our Luton and Beds General Election 2017 page for more details