Nominations and Hustings for Parliamentary Candidates - Closing Date for Nominations 28th February

20 February 2017

Call for nominations and notice of hustings for Parliamentary Candidates 

Luton and Bedfordshire Green Party is calling for nominations for Parliamentary Candidates for all six current Parliamentary Constituencies in Luton and Bedfordshire, in case of a General Election before July 2019. 

The main hustings will take place as follows

For the constituencies - Bedford, North East Bedfordshire & Mid Bedfordshire - hustings will take place at the Friends Meeting House, Bedford, 16th March 2017, 20.00 (8pm) prompt. 

For the constituencies - Luton North, Luton South and South West Bedfordshire – hustings will take place in Luton 6th April 2017, 20.00 (8pm) prompt – please keep this date clear in your diary!  Venue TBA.  For information on the venue, please email or, who will update you closer to the time. Further notice of the venue will also be sent to all members nearer the time. 

Further hustings may take place in other places, by mutual agreement with candidates, and will be advertised closer to the time if appropriate. 

Each selection takes place in an independent process, but on the same (initial) timescale and with the same returning officer. 

Luton and Bedfordshire Green Party is the third largest local party in the Eastern Region (after Cambridge and Norwich).  We are very active, with groups going out conducting “60 second surveys” once or twice most weeks in one or other of our target wards, and other campaigning, fund raising and social activities several times a year each.  Four of our wards had Greens in 2nd place at the last local election, and we are working hard to ensure that some of these are converted into wins at our next local elections in 2019.    

Luton and Bedfordshire includes ethnically mixed constituencies.  Because “White British” candidates would be over-represented if more than four of our six candidates are “White British”, we are particularly keen to encourage applications from people who are not “White British” (or are from Roma and ethnic traveller communities). 

More generally, applications and expressions of interest will be particularly welcome from women, people with non-binary gender identification and intersex people, trans*gender, black or minority ethnic people, disabled people, young people (under 30) and people with non-heterosexual sexualities.

We are looking for candidates who will work within and enhance our democratically agreed targeting strategy.  We are looking for candidates who will act as someone to encourage/enthuse local activists, as a local figurehead, someone who can attract extra media attention, and someone to focus fund-raising around.    

Nomination forms and full selection procedures are available from Ben Foley – or from Adrian Spurrell -  Expressions of interest can also be made to either Bed or Adrian. 

Completed nominations must be returned to, nominations will close 28th Februrary 2017 (9pm for any papers hand delivered to the address below, midnight for any by email).  Nominations may be re-opened according to the criteria outlined in the selection procedures, to increase the number of candidates available for selection from under-represented and oppressed groups.