12 January 2015

Well-known local campaigner Ben Foley has been selected by Bedford Green Party to contest Bedford and Kempston Constituency for a second time.

photo of Ben Foley



Dr Foley works as a Senior Research Fellow at De Montfort University, both researching and lecturing, and commuting to his office in Leicester by train.  For many years Ben has been a committee member of Bedford Commuters' Association, representing the town's rail commuters.

Ben says “As a regular rail user I know the mess that private ownership has made of our railways with high fares, poor information and ridiculous complexity.  The right way to go is to follow Green Party policy and bring the railways back into public ownership.  In the same way, I oppose the way the school system has been turned into a mess by Labour and then Conservatives pushing academies and free schools.  We need all schools to be good, not competition and waste."

Ben has lived in the middle of Bedford for 17 years, and has family ties to Bedford that go back more than a century.

He is a regular user of Robinson swimming pool, plays the clarinet badly, and is a season ticket holder at Arsenal.