Local elections

Local Elections 2016

The by-election to elect a councillor for the High Town Ward of Luton Borough Council will take place on Thursday 30th June 2016.


Lyn Bliss has been selected by the local Green Party to be our candidate. A life member of the Green Party, she is also a member of the ‘Friends of High Town’ community group, and has already got a reputation as being someone who organises things and gets things sorted out in the local community. She is the sort of local election candidate we dream of finding. But we didn’t have to find her… she has stood as a Green Party candidate in High Town six
times over the years with her vote increasing, to 18% last time with minimal campaigning.

The regional Green Party is taking this by election seriously, encouraging people to come from other parts of the region, because we stand a chance of winning! This will probably be our ONLY chance of winning a council seat in Luton and Bedfordshire before 2019.

The Green Party has an excellent candidate. But two big factors are holding us back. We need people to help out in campaigning in High Town (both leafletting and knocking on doors). …and we need more money to pay for these leaflets (and hopefully the next one, too).

There is a crowdfunder at www.gofundme.com/22c2yshg please contribute.

As for the vital issue of campaigning on the ground, the biggest events will be two “action Saturdays” 11th and 25th June (morning and afternoon sessions). High Town is dead easy to get to – half of Luton Station is in High Town – and the bus station is just on the other side of the railway station. And we will meet at Taylor Street Car Park LU2 0EY) - about 1/4 mile walk from Luton Station, so if you are travelling by car, it’s even easier. There is likely to be knocking on doors to do, and leafletting if you can’t cope with knocking on doors (but to help people cope with knocking on doors we plan to pair you up with someone experienced to start with). There will also be campaigning on the ground at other times, evenings, Sundays, some weekday daytimes. Let us know when you can be available,and we will make an effort to be there with you!

Also if there is any way for you to be available on either Thu 23rd or Thu 30th, we could do with lots of people to sit outside polling stations. Could you possibly take a day off work? Could you help as early as 7am? Or in the evening? On Thu 23rd we will be near polling stations wearing Green rosettes, and maybe giving people by-election leaflets after they have voted in the EU referendum. 

We are also looking for someone to do some simple carpentry to make poster boards to go in people’s gardens. 

If you can help in any of these ways or on any of these occasions please phone Ben on 078 708 138 60, emailben@foleyhouse.me.uk or facebook.com/green.ben.foley