General Election Parliamentary Candidates 2017

Bedford Constituency -  Lucy Bywater

Mid Bedfordshire Constituency - Gareth Ellis

Luton North Constituency - Simon Hall

Luton South Constituency - Marc Scheimann

North East Bedfordshire Constituency -  Philippa Fleming

South West Bedfordshire Constituency - Morvern Rennie



Bedford - Lucy Bywater


Lucy Bywater


Lucy, who is involved with several local community and environmental projects, works locally in publishing. She has lived in Bedford for 14 years, and is married with two teenagers.

"The Green Party is deeply commited to social justice, restoring public services, and tackling climate change. I joined the Green Party because it has the long term needs of People and the Planet at it's heart. I've always believed that the two cannot be separated!" Says Lucy.

Lucy has stood three times as Council candidate in Castle Ward. She looks forward to promoting Green Policies in Bedford. "Current Events nationally and globally have shocked people and persuaded some to get active, especially young people. Now is the time to show a better way to deal with the problems we face. I'm passionate about getting people involved with big issues like growing poverty and climate change. There's so much at stake now!"

Lucy explains: "Greens are out campaigning in Bedford all year round on local and national issues: proper funding of social care; challenging threats to the status of Bedford Hospital; opposing renewal of Trident nuclear weapons; and highlighting government inaction on illegally high levels of air pollution."

"in 2015" she says, "millions didn't vote because they thought that it wouldn't make a difference. My message is 'Register and vote', because you need to have a say in both your future and the future of generations to come."


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Mid Bedfordshire - Gareth Ellis


Gareth Ellis


Gareth says "I want people to vote for policies and not personalities". He said “Most people want to see the railways and utilities back in public ownership and yet until recenlty it was only the Green Party calling for this. We also have the most popular policies for the NHS, Education, Environment and combating Crime.”

Having grown up on a small family farm he qualified as an Agricultural Engineer at Silsoe College. Gareth has worked in the public, private and voluntary sectors promoting sustainable energy and is currently the Energy & Environment Manager for Cranfield University. He has lived here for the last 30 years and is very familiar with the benefits and challenges of the local area.

He said "The people of Mid Bedfordshire deserve better it is a rural area which can be isolating for young and old and others without access to a car. I want to work to ensure we have better public transport and availability of local services. Local jobs are important too and there are opportunities here in Mid Bedfordshire to develop new businesses and jobs for a more sustainable economy.”  

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Luton North - Simon Hall

Simon Hall

‘I am a Lutonian - born at the Luton & Dunstable hospital - and have lived and worked in Luton for most of my life. I have chosen to make Luton my home because of the opportunities the town has given me, the multicultural community here, the public transport links to other towns, and the wide range of public services, entertainment and shops.

I am aware of the issues facing our town, and which areas need improving. I’m keen to improve outsiders’ perception of the town, and to continue to make it a town in which people are proud to live and work, and to attract new business to the town.

I was educated at Bushmead Junior School, Icknield High School, Luton Sixth Form College and Dunstable College before completing a degree in Product Design at the University of Bedfordshire (then called the University of Luton).

For the past twelve years I have run a design and manufacturing company based in Luton and employing local people. 

I have been a member of the Green Party for over ten years, and held the position of local party treasurer for five years. If elected, I will do my very best to serve our local community and to implement Green policies on a local and national level. I believe that the Green Party is the only party committed and able to carry out the social, economic and environmental reform that our country so desperately needs.’

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Luton South - Marc Scheimann


Marc Scheimann


 Marc Scheimann is a long standing Green Party Activist who has lived in Luton for over 30 years and who has stood on three previous occassions for the Green Party.

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North East Bedfordshire - Philippa Fleming


Philippa Fleming


Philippa Fleming is a Green Party activist who has lived and worked in Bedfordshire for over 30 years. She is a qualified nursery nurse and has previously worked in administration and customer service roles, including for Bedfordshire County Council. As a Parliamentary candidate, Philippa will be campaigning for a fully funded NHS and care services, opposing the loss of A&E and maternity services in Bedford Hospital,  opposing austerity, fair 'Brexit' deal, better air quality, to improve education provisions, sustainable local housing, and on human and workers rights issues.

Philippa is single, with a 20 year old daughter, and suffers with Ehlers Danlos syndrome. She enjoys singing, watching live music, and watching films, especially sci-fi.

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South West Bedfordshire - Morvern Rennie


Morvern Rennie

Morvern Rennie is a Green Party activist who lives and works in Bedfordshire. She is 28 years old, and married with two children. Brought up in rural Aberdeenshire, she graduated with a 2:1 in law from Strathclyde University in 2010. She worked in the hospitality and events industry until the birth of her first child in 2013. 

'A chaotic Brexit being led by inexperienced negotiators is a threat to the stability of the British economy. Greens will steady the ship and support Bedfordshire Businesses by working to stay in the single market, defending free movement of workers, and trusting the people of Britain to decide on the final deal that is negotiated.

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Unlike other Political Parties, the Green Party of England and Wales do not recieve any funding from Big Business or Unions. ALL of our funding comes from members or small private donations. It costs at least £1,200, per candidate, to run a proper general election campaign, and we desperately need your help in order to ensure that the Green Voice is heard in Bedfordshire. The Green Party of England and Wales are the ONLY party that will stand up for the environment; oppose nuclear weapons; and stand up for ordinary working people.

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