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Critical Mass – Bedford

Picture of cyclists outside the Embankment Hotel in Bedford

Bedford Critical Mass restarts, Saturday 3 July 2021

After a pause due to COVID-19 restrictions, the regular Critical Mass cycle rides restart on 3 July 2021.

What’s the aim of Critical Mass?

Critical Mass is a well-known movement that originated in San Francisco in the nineties and happens monthly in many larger towns and cities all over the world, highlighting the need for safer cycling routes. It is based on the idea too, that there is safety in numbers: cyclists are safer in towns and cities where there are really good, joined-up cycling routes, their numbers are high and therefore drivers are used to them being ‘part of the mix’ and not always having priority (think Amsterdam). These events are also a reminder that every cyclist on the road is potentially one less car journey, creating less congestion, fewer climate-wrecking emissions, better air quality and improved health.

Here in Bedford it brings together cyclists who want to press for much better and safer cycling infrastructure, not just painted white lines on the road… which don’t in themselves create a safer space…and are often parked on anyway!

It is also a fun celebration of cycling and its physical and mental health benefits.

As cyclists, we are not in the way, we are simply part of the traffic!

Details for the day

Join us and other Bedford cyclists the first Saturday of each month on the Embankment right opposite the Embankment Hotel, setting off together at 2pm and staying in a block rather than a straggly long line. It’s safer that way.

Display pro-cycling messages on t-shirts/bikes/trailers etc. if you like. Here's one we use that you could print Critical-Mass-Poster

We recommend face masks, hand sanitiser and ask that everyone observes social distancing. Being outside, the risk of Covid transmission is very low, especially as we will be cycling facing the same direction. However, we don’t really want to attract unnecessary criticism by ignoring public health messages. Confident child cyclists are welcome but adults are responsible for their children’s safety.

News coverage of our first summer Critical Mass in 2020:






View of cyclists from behind in Bedford Town Centre