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Green Drinks – October

Green Drinks

Join us for Green Drinks.

Taking place on Zoom instead of down the pub.

Bring your own bottle/keg/barrel.

This is an informal get together for anyone who would like a bit of company you do not have to be a Green Party Member. Open to the public.

I'd like to introduce a topic of conversation for the evening after any introductions & general topics arising.

We are keen to promote the need for Proportional representation in the UK.

Make Votes Matter made a video with the help of John Cleese to explain how PR would work in this country. He has been campaigning on this since the 1980's. So watch this video if you want to know more about how your vote will matter if we get PR.

The Make Votes Matter website is a good place to start. There is a petition to sign & a day of action towards the end of August.

The Electoral Reform Society are also working to change our voting system. If you click on campaigns you can see the latest parliamentary debate on PR.

Green Drinks taking place on Zoom 6th October 2020. 6 pm but you can dial in from 5.45 pm.

Join the zoom meeting here


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