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Welcome Jeremy Freedman

We are happy to welcome Jeremy to the local Green Party executive. Jeremy joins us as North East Bedfordshire Coordinator.

Jeremy wrote

"I am 67 years old: a husband, a father and a grandfather. I qualified as a Social Worker after University but subsequently retrained as a Solicitor. I am a specialist in Family Law and a Consultant to a firm in Hampstead. Although born and raised in Central London, “Green” issues have been in the forefront of my thinking since I was a child. I have been a vegetarian for over 50 years. My wife and I had a smallholding in Devon for a number of years before returning to live and work in London. We  moved to North-East Bedfordshire 6 years ago. We live outside Colmworth where we have a home and 5 acres of land which we manage on organic lines. We keep 2 cows, 2 goats, a small flock of sheep and various breeds of poultry. We grow a large amount of fruit and vegetables. I am a member of the local beekeepers association.


I joined the Green Party last year when it finally dawned on me that the ‘old’ politics really was changing and I needed to be part of that process. While I am very interested in the impact that the Green Party can have nationally, my particular concern is to spread the word on a local level and on a constituency basis. I am keen to ‘organise’ local members, promote local events and raise consciousness in this very rural part of the world. I have no illusions about what can be achieved in this very safe Tory seat. However, if during the lifetime of this Parliament the local MP were to feel the warm breath of the local Green Party on the back of his neck, and feel obligated to take seriously the views of his Green constituents, I would consider that to be an achievement. As I gradually scale down my professional work, creating time for other pursuits, co-ordinating the Green Party in NE Beds is an exciting challenge and one that I relish."


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