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Gareth Ellis selected as Green Party candidate for Mid Bedfordshire

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I am honoured to have been reselected as the Green Party parliamentary candidate for Mid Bedfordshire in the next general election. Whenever that may be, I will be speaking out on the climate emergency, Brexit chaos, air pollution, and much more.

Qualified as a Chartered Engineer and Environmentalist I have spent a lifetime delivering sustainable energy solutions and promoting better environmental management to householders, farmers, businesses and government. A member of the Green Party for twenty years I have campaigned to improve the local environment and engage the community in green issues. I have experience as a School Governor, Trustee, Company Director, District and Parish Councillor.

Mid Bedfordshire is a rural constituency in danger of being overwhelmed by overdevelopment. The Green Party has the policies to prevent this. I welcome the opportunity to argue for the protection of our green spaces, the planting of more trees, enhancing biodiversity, fighting climate change, enabling clean energy and ensuring clean air; to promote a kinder society with well-funded locally led public services, restoration of the NHS and schools freed of unnecessary tests, community owned accessible public transport and safer roads; to protect animals; to liberate how we work with a four day week, universal basic income, an end to discrimination, and local high quality jobs; to encourage creativity and innovation, scrapping University fees, supporting small businesses, increasing funding for the arts and local media.

10 thoughts on “Gareth Ellis selected as Green Party candidate for Mid Bedfordshire

  1. Hi Gareth,
    You may be pleased to hear I finally joined A political Party, (Green).

    You may remember me from the days when I helped withe the NEF green energy machine and played around with small wind pumps, (second book came out in 2006).

    Congratulations on becoming Candidate for Mid Beds

    Best Wishes,

    Jim Barr

    1. Hi Jim

      Sorry I didnt see you post earlier. Good to hear you are a Green Party member. Thanks for your best wishes. Let me know if there is anything you would like me to raise as a candidate.

      All the best


  2. With the forthcoming elections it is very disappointing that your party did not acknowledge my e.mail of last week or
    even give an answer to its content.

    Kind a Regards
    John Boutwood

  3. I’ve given you my postal vote.
    I’m a Christian, worked for a while in the nuclear industry, gained a degree in physics in 1963 and considered joining John Houghton’s (later Sir JH of Met Office and IPCC) research group who were measuring CO2 in the upper atmosphere, but instead I was ordained in 1968 and served 37 years in the ministry of the Church of England. In the 1970s while I was vicar of a parish on Brixton Hill I was aware of the air pollution from heavy vehicles on the A23, and nearly joined the new Ecology Party, however the Gang of Four caught my attention and instead I joined the SDP, and later the Lib Dems. I assisted the Inland Waterway’s Inland Shipping Group, and we were able to get the Department of Transport to recognise all water freight inland of the most seaward port – in particular all freight passing the Houses of Parliament – and at once the tonne-miles of waterborne freight rose thirtyfold, and merited more serious consideration. On retirement in 2005 we lived for two years on a narrow boat and halved our carbon footprint, before settling at 15 Church Row, Wooton, Bedford.
    In 2014 my wife and I switched domestic fuel to renewable Ecotricity, and in 2015 we purchased an electric car, a BMW i3, which, while it does have a built-in Range Extending generator as an “insurance policy” in case the rapid charger infrastructure lets us down seriously, in the latest 15,000 annual miles has only used petrol for 38 miles just to satisfy its maintenance requirements. This winter we are heating our house half by off peak electricity in the early morning warm-up, in place of gas, even though Dale Vince CEO of Ecotricity has arranged to defray the 86% of our gas that is fossil-derived.
    I send you and the Green Party my good wishes, with little hope of unseating Mrs Dorries!

    1. Quite the detailed account of what you’ve been up to of the years Mr. Canon. And on behalf of all of us, we thank you for your continued efforts and may we take the blissful opportunity to wish you a year full of happiness and blessing. God save the queen.

  4. Addressing climate change is the most important issue for now. I was teaching about contributory actions by humans, and their effects, 50 years ago!
    The Green Party has my support.

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